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Horn Book review for Louise, The Adventure of a Chicken.

Kate DiCamillo  Louise, the Adventures of a Chicken; illus. by Harry Bliss
56 pp. Cotler/HarperCollins 10/08 isbn 978-0-06-075554-6 $17.99
Library edition isbn 978-0-06-075555-3 $18.89
(Primary, Intermediate)

Barnyard hen Louise longs for adventure; as chapter one opens, she has gone to sea, where she is almost immediately captured by pirates and barely escapes being fricasseed, thanks to a fortuitous storm. Back at the farm, she deflects the interest of the other chickens and sleeps “the deep and dreamless sleep of the true adventurer.” Chapter two, however, sees Louise off again, this time to the circus, where she cleverly escapes from a hungry lion; safe at home,=2 0she once more ignores her friends’ questions about her exploits. In chapter three, she heads to the mysterious East, where, having been kidnapped at a bazaar, she manages to free herself and her fellow prisoners. This time, when she returns home, Louise finally shares her stories of adventure, and the book ends with the entire henhouse content, all sleeping that “deep and dreamless” sleep. Louise’s adventures are exciting (and often funny), and each is dramatically captured in Bliss’s sweeping watercolors, which are distinctly his own yet manage to pay homage to such diverse entities as the Dutch masters and The African Queen. But what sets the book apart is DiCamillo’s masterful storytelling, with exquisite pacing, compelling language, and just the right amount of repetition. Despite such crowd-pleasing elements, the story is best suited to more sophisticated picture book consumers, for its true message is not the thrill of adventure but the fulfillment found in the sharing of stories. m.v.p.

Louise review

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